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1924us x Elle-May present How to Photography & Styling

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File Name: 1924us x Elle-May present How to Photography & Styling
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Genre / Category: Photography
File Size : 1.9GB
Publisher: Elle-May
Updated and Published: June 11, 2022
Product Details
  • Thank you so much for coming here to read what we’re all about when it comes to this new adventure!
  • Elle-May and myself have been photographing most all of our lives, myself for the better part of the last 10 years and her as well! We both come from the extremes of photography, at 1924 it’s mainly been moody vibes, soft light and inclement weather.
  • For Elle, it’s been harsh light, beautiful sunsets/rises and high-fashion done in an approachable way. We’ve teamed up over the last four years shooting one another, weddings, client’s campaigns, products, landscapes, books, magazines, etcetera.
  • It’s been a very diverse, challenging and rewarding experience.
  • Introduction at: 00:01:38
  • Styling at: 00:06:25
  • Who we are: 00:27:21
  • Photography Basics: 00:32:24
  • Shooting in field: 00:38:36
  • Editing: 00:49:09
  • Gear: 01:15:19
  • Ending: 01:38:34

Our Backgrounds: where we come from, and what inspired us.
Styling: How we learned to work with flatlays, models, products and how we style, organize
and showcase these things for photographic purposes.
Clients: How we take their ambitions and requests and turn them into visuals through the art of posing, styling, and placement.
Photography: A message through the eye to the eye. The way in which we see things, and the way we shoot to capture it.
Curating: how to manage and organize your Photos for export, presentation and display.
Gear: a look at the The hardware and software used to create our photographs, and how you don’t need it to make it work!
Travel Photography: A thorough discussion on The investment of place and why right where you are works perfectly as a place to grow from, and why going somewhere else doesn’t make your photographs great.

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