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Color Changing Dual Point Lighting and Adding Lighting Effects

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File Name: Color Changing Dual Point Lighting and Adding Lighting Effects
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Genre / Category: Photoshop Tutorials
File Size : 313MB
Publisher: skillshare
Updated and Published: June 14, 2022
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In this class to achieve the colored dual point lighting effect is by creating gradient maps. With inverted masks in order to change the color of the lighting. We will follow that up with using blend if to smoothen the spill.

Once that is done we will add our lighting effect and apply the screen blending mode followed up with making a selection of our subject using the quick selection tool. We will start brushing out the areas of our lighting effect which we don’t want to affect our subject.

One of our last steps will be creating copies of our gradient masks, update them, and clip mask them to our lighting effect in order to have our subject and lighting effect match to make the overall image look cohesive. Our final step is adding a curves adjustment which we will clip mask to our lighting effect in order to brighten our image and bring back some shadows.

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