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DIY Product Photography Using an iPhone

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File Name: DIY Product Photography Using an iPhone
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Updated and Published: June 16, 2022
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About This Class

Can you really use your iPhone in Product Photography? Absolutely yes! 

In this class I will show you how you can DIY your product photoshoot using an iPhone and materials you can find at home 🙂

Hi! My name is Rose, I am a food and product photographer from the Philippines. Photography started as a hobby for me and my husband but overtime, free photo sessions turned into paid gigs and eventually grew to be a real business for us. Apart from taking photos of products to help local businesses increase sales and improve online presence we also conduct workshops for online sellers who want to DIY their product photoshoot. One of the pain points that was shared with me is not having access to a professional DSLR camera and what I would always tell my clients is that taking beautiful product photos is not just about the gear but following basic photography principles. And that is what I have for you in this class.

DIY home studio

We will kick off with setting up a DIY home studio, followed by lighting tips and techniques, then we will dig deep into iPhone camera settings to create stunning and scroll stopping product photos.

I will also share my personal experiences with selecting props and you will see me stage a scene and do actual product styling. I will end the class by showing you a photo editing demo on the iPhone for that professional final look.


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