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Kotlin Essential Training: Object-Oriented and Async Code

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Kotlin Essential Trainings: Object-Oriented and Async Code

File Name: Kotlin Essential Training: Object-Oriented and Async Code
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Genre / Category: Programming
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Publisher: linkedin
Updated and Published: June 16, 2022
Product Details

If you’re looking to get up and running with Kotlin, the powerful programming language from JetBrains, join instructor Nate Ebel, the author of Mastering Kotlin, as he shows you the ins and out of Kotlin and walks you through its unique selling points for developers—from null safety and concise syntax to Java compatibility, to full support by Google for Android development. In this second installment of the two-apart Kotlin Essential Trainings series, Nate covers object-oriented programming and async code in Kotlin. He covers topics like classes, interfaces, companion objects, and coroutines. Nate also provides challenges so you can test your Kotlin knowledge as you go.+

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