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Learn Dart 2.16+ OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

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File Name: Learn Dart 2.16+ OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
Content Source:
Genre / Category: Programming
File Size : 925MB
Publisher: udemy
Updated and Published: June 13, 2022
Product Details

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create class and object
  • How dart implementing object oriented programming
  • Acquiring foundation to tackle simple dart problems using OOP
  • Dart strengths over other programming language
  • Requirements:
  • Basics of Dart Programming
  • Only your computer and Internet are enough!
  • Eager and keen to learn new things

Welcome all to My new course on learning Dart 2.16.1 Object Oriented Programming – OOP!

Dart is an open-source general-purpose programming language. It is originally developed by Google and later approved as a standard by ECMA. Dart is a new programming language meant for the server as well as the browser. Introduced by Google, the Dart SDK ships with its compiler – the Dart VM. The SDK also includes a utility -dart2js, a transpiler that generates javascript equivalent of a Dart Script.

What makes Dart special?

Unlike many languages, Dart was designed with the goal of making the development process as comfortable and fast as possible for developers. So it comes with a fairly extensive set of built-in tools such as its own package manager, various compilers / transpilers, a parser and formatter. Also, the Dart virtual machine and Just-in-Time build make code changes immediately executable.Once in production, the code can be compiled in native language, so no special environment is required to run. In case of web development, Dart is transpiled into javascript.

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