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Professional Mobile Photography

This Asset we are sharing with you the Professional Mobile Photography free download was made to help people like graphic designers, freelancers, video creators, web developers, filmmakers who can’t afford high-cost courses and other things. On our website, you will find lots of premium assets free like Free Courses, Photoshop Mockups, Lightroom Preset, Photoshop Actions, Brushes & Gradient, Videohive After Effect Templates, Fonts, Luts, Sounds, 3d models, Plugins, and much more.

File Name: Professional Mobile Photography
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Genre / Category: Photography
File Size : 700MB
Publisher: udemy
Updated and Published: June 13, 2022
Product Details
What you’ll learn:

Being able to take photos with a mobile device as a professional DSLR camera.

Learning the art of seeing and photographing.

Light and how use of light in photography.

Creating professional content and concept on social media and digital platforms.


The only requirement is a cell phone with a camera. You will learn everything you need to know with the most effective applications.


This online photography course will teach you how to take great photos, even if you use a smartphone.

This photography course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of photography even if you have little or no photography experience, helping you create profitable images that will help you stand out from the crowd and sell.

Master Photography Techniques to Create Extraordinary Images!

While there are many digital photography courses that focus on how to use certain styles or gear, a comprehensive course like this one is hard to find for beginner to advanced photographers.

This course is designed for photographers of all levels who want to hone their skills, take great photos and monetize their photos.

What you will learn:

Understand how cameras work and what equipment you need

Master shooting in manual mode and understand your camera

Know what equipment to buy, whatever your budget

Follow our hands-on demonstrations to see how we shoot in real-world scenarios

Use composition, lighting and appropriate settings to take better photos

Professionally edit photos to make them look even better

Learn to start a photography business and monetize your new skills
Learn the Laws and Break the Code

It doesn’t have to be a mystery why some people are better photographers than others. Good photographers have learned the laws of composition that determine what is considered a bad or great image.

This course aims to determine what these laws are in an ordered universe, such as the laws of light and the effect they have on forming our images.

The course also aims to inspire you to appreciate the built-in beauty detector within you, who intuitively knows what makes a good composition and knows what looks good. By moving this from a subconscious awareness to a conscious awareness, you can train yourself to recognize and create wonderful images.

You will learn the stages of how a viewer consumes an image:





Seeing the Light – Creative Photography Composition Masterclass Part 3

Did you know that photography is about being able to see the light?

Do you understand the different properties of hard light and soft light?

Did you know that you can use these light sources to achieve many different effects in your image?

Did you know that various lights actually have different color temperatures and can affect the mood of your image if used correctly?

Learn to See and Embrace the Light

All good photographers have learned to be watchers of light, they have learned to be light hunters. A good photographer won’t even raise their camera if the light isn’t right.

Through diagrams and image examples, we will examine how light falls on the object and is reflected back to the camera.

Courses included:

see the light

hard light

Soft Light

Color Temperature


Controlling the Light – Creative Photography Composition Masterclass Part 4

Did you know that as a photographer you have the ability to control light?

That you can dramatically change your images by applying some simple techniques like moving your feet, moving your subject, or moving your light?

Do you have a range of effects you can create in your images by running the scene, ranging from dramatic and powerful to intimate and gentle?

Learn to Work on the Stage to Become a Master Photographer

To become a master photographer, you must learn to use the stage.

In this course you will learn how to move your feet.

As a photographer, you are the viewer’s eyes. Wherever you go, you take your audience with you. Your point of view becomes their point of view.

In front of


from the side

Under Your Subject

On Your Topic

Bird’s eye view

Ant Appearance

close up

Macro View

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