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Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass

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File Name: Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass
Content Source:
Genre / Category: 3D Tutorials
File Size : 15.4GB
Publisher: udemy
Updated and Published: June 09, 2022
Product Details

Learn how to create game assets in Substance Painter & Unreal Engine in this all in one masterclass

Would you like to learn how to create a stylized scene featuring a bushy tree and a wagon with rocks and foliage adorning a romantic evening scene?

‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’ will see you creating an intricate stylized wagon showcased within a campfire scene that breathes life through design and animation.

It’s going to be a stylized wagon. Yes, a bit of my inspiration comes from typical gypsy wagons but we are going for a steampunk design with ours.

This course will give you access to just over 16 hours of 3D art.

Learn how to build an intricate Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) scene in 79 lessons.

This course will see you learn all the techniques pros use and how they use them. Unreal Engine integration will also be a central part of this course’s learning objectives.

Through reading this course description you will find out:

– Your next 3D art, texturing, and environment game design milestones;

– What you are going to get through ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’, and;

– How the course will take your professional texturing and game design skills to the next level.

Join this course and come be part of a game design and professional texturing journey of over 16 hours of learning.

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Substance_Painter_to_Unreal_Engine_5_Masterclass.part1.rar – 3.0 GB
Substance_Painter_to_Unreal_Engine_5_Masterclass.part2.rar – 3.0 GB
Substance_Painter_to_Unreal_Engine_5_Masterclass.part3.rar – 3.0 GB
Substance_Painter_to_Unreal_Engine_5_Masterclass.part4.rar – 3.0 GB
Substance_Painter_to_Unreal_Engine_5_Masterclass.part5.rar – 3.0 GB
Substance_Painter_to_Unreal_Engine_5_Masterclass.part6.rar – 400.6 MB

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