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The Complete Python Developer Masterclass

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File Name: The Complete Python Developer Masterclass
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Genre / Category: Programming
File Size : 10.8GB
Publisher: udemy
Updated and Published: June 13, 2022
Product Details

Learn Basic and Advanced Python Programming and become a Python Developer

Become a Master in Python 3 Programming and acquire employers’ one of the most requested skills of 21st Century! A great Python Programmer earns more than $150000 per year in today’s market!

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward course for the Python 3 Programming on Udemy! Whether you have never programmed before, already know basics of Python, or want to learn the advanced features of Python 3, this course is for you! In this course we will teach you Basic and Advanced Python 3 programming.

(Note, we also provide you PDFs and Jupyter Notebooks in case you need them)

With over 230 lectures and more than 28.5 hours of video this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned in teaching you Basic and Advanced Programming with Python 3!

This course will teach you Python 3 Programming in a very practical manner, with every lecture comes a full programming video and a corresponding Jupyter notebook or a python code file that has Python 3 code! Learn in whatever manner is the best for you!

We will start by helping you get Python3 installed on your Windows computer and installing Raspbian Linux OS on your Raspberry Pi Board.

We cover a wide variety of topics, including:
  • Installation of Python 3 on Windows
  • Setting up Raspberry Pi
  • Tour of Python 3 environment on Raspberry Pi and Windows
  • Basics of Python Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Exception Handling
  • Jupyter installation and basics
  • Basics of Scientific Python Ecosystem
  • Basics of NumPy and Matplotlib
  • SciPy Basics
  • Matrices and Linear Algebra
  • Data Preprocessing with Pandas
  • Data Cleansing and Wrangling with Pandas
  • Visualization with Pandas and Matplotlib
  • Python and SQL
  • Image Processing
  • Python Distributions and IDEs
  • Word Clouds with Python
  • Python Data Visualization with Pygal
  • And many more advanced topics
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The_Complete_Python_Developer_Masterclass.part1.rar – 3.0 GB
The_Complete_Python_Developer_Masterclass.part2.rar – 3.0 GB
The_Complete_Python_Developer_Masterclass.part3.rar – 3.0 GB
The_Complete_Python_Developer_Masterclass.part4.rar – 1.8 GB

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