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URM Academy Fast Track Creating Ambience With Forrester Savell TUTORiAL

This Asset we are sharing with you the URM Academy Fast Track Creating Ambience With Forrester Savell TUTORiAL free download was made to help people like graphic designers, freelancers, video creators, web developers, filmmakers who can’t afford high-cost courses and other things. On our website, you will find lots of premium assets free like Free Courses, Photoshop Mockups, Lightroom Preset, Photoshop Actions, Brushes & Gradient, Videohive After Effect Templates, Fonts, Luts, Sounds, 3d models, Plugins, and much more.

File Name: URM Academy Fast Track Creating Ambience With Forrester Savell TUTORiAL
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Genre / Category: Sound & Production
File Size : 1.7GB
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Updated and Published: May 18, 2022

Product Details

  • I very much look forward to sharing my knowledge on bass with you, but at first, a little about my back ground:
  • I’ve been a producer/mixer since the early 2000’s. You would know me for my work with Karnivool, Twelve Foot Ninja, Good Tiger, Dead Letter Circus, and Sikth among many many others.
  • I have been known to push the boundaries of what’s possible given the confines of a project and it’s a state of mind I encourgae all up and comers adopt.
  • I am a full time producer and mixer living out of the Gold Coast, Australia and am very excited to share the techniques I’ve picked up over the years with the next generation of audio professionals.
  • As producers we are always looking for something unique, a sound that nobody else can duplicate and is unmistakably yours.
  • And while many parts of a recording can be stored and recalled, one thing that can never be duplicated is the ambiance of the physical location of the original recording.
  • If you can capture that unique sonic fingerprint in your mix, you’ve locked in something that can never be recreated our duplicated by anyone, anywhere, at any time. The depth, sense of space, and 3-dimensional quality are a snapshot of a unique moment in space and time.
  • In this Fast Track I will show you how to approach creating ambience through natural, synthetic, and hybrid methods through a variety of instruments and sources. This is the next step towards unlocking your unique sound as a producer.

So study hard. Learn this stuff. Make it real. And once you’ve mastered it, find a better way!


Let’s get started!

Forrester Savell
Audio Engineer / Producer / Mixer

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