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Working with Models: An Introduction

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File Name: Working with Models: An Introduction
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Genre / Category: Photography
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Publisher: skillshare
Updated and Published: June 07, 2022
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Collaboration is a huge part of the creative process. How can we work together with our models in order to be efficient while getting what we need from the shoot? From discussions beforehand, all the way to the deliverables- how do we work with a model?

In this beginner class- we explore:

  • What those conversations look like in prep
  • How to communicate boundaries and consent
  • Setting goals collaboratively
  • Establishing a language to stay efficient during the shoot 


Running a shoot from start to finish can be pretty demanding—working with creative staff, managing your camera, adjusting settings, directing, and ensuring that everything is going smoothly. It can be pretty daunting with the prospect of trying to handle all of this right?

One of the more challenging aspects when starting out can definitely be getting comfortable working with the model(s) on a shoot, and how to ensure everyone comes out happy and satisfied.

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