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Ask Video Audio Roli Equator 101 Equator 2 Explored

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File Name: Ask Video Audio Roli Equator 101 Equator 2 Explored TUTORiAL
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Genre / Category: Sound & Production
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Updated and Published: June 02, 2022

Product Details

Equator2 is a revolutionary hybrid MPE synthesizer from ROLI. Watch this course by expert trainer Rishabh Rajan, and learn to create any sound imaginable using this expressive super synth.

Thanks to its six sound sources,

four synthesis engines and extensive modulation and effect sections, ROLI’s Equator2 lets you push the boundaries of sound design further than you thought possible. Designed to use with ROLI’s MPE-based controllers, it works great in non-MPE mode as well. It’s a very complex synth, but this in-depth course will help you master all its powerful features.

Rishabh starts by exploring the interface,

revealing where every important section is located. After looking at the built-in patches and demonstrating how to navigate the preset browser, he dives into Equator2’s synth engine.

You learn about the six available sound sources and the four synthesis engines: Wavetable, Sampler, Granular and Noise. He shows you how to sculpt your sound using Equator2’s various filters and complex routing options. The modulation options of Equator2 goes beyond your typical ADSR and LFO options, and some are quite unique. Ever heard of ADS-PR, Multi-Mods, and Math modulators? Rishabh covers all that and more. You also learn about the Macros, the MPE mode, the flexible effect section, and more… The course ends with a sound design example to inspire you to create your own patches.

So join Rishabh Rajan in this in-depth 22-tutorial course, and get ready to expand your sound design palette with ROLI’s Equator2.

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