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Skillshare Elementary Jazz Theory And How You Can Directly Use It Within Your Music

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File Name: Skillshare Elementary Jazz Theory And How You Can Directly Use It Within Your Music TUTORiAL
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Genre / Category: Sound & Production
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Updated and Published: June 02, 2022

Product Details

This course is designed to make you familiar with the basics of Jazz Theory while at the same time giving you tips on how you can use it creatively within your music. The class is practically orientated and will not cover notation and sheet music.

For who is this class?
•total beginners who have no knowledge of music theory and jazz yet – they can spend some more time on the first chapter, which explains the very basics of music theory
•musicians and producers who heard about jazzy chords and may use them already but feel like they want to have some better, deeper and logical understanding of it in order to use those sounds and •chords more consciously people with some basic knowledge in music theory – in that case you can skip chapter 1
  • What will you learn in this class?
     •the very basics of music theory
    •how to create rich, jazzy chord sounds and textures that can serve as the foundation for a composition or tune
    •how to create exciting chord progressions and how to understand WHY they actually sound good
    •how to use different types of scales for creating distinctive emotions and sounds
    •how to be creative with those ideas immediately
What won’t you learn in this class?
•how to improvise/become a soloist
•how to write those things down on sheet music (you will learn the names of the chords and notes though, and I constantly speak about intervals and scales)
•everything – I mean it in a way that this class is designed to give you a compressed and coherent introduction to the world of jazz harmony with a focus on practical application. This means that I can’t •speak about everything or explain everything in detail
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