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Create Realistic Looking Forests & Mountains in Blender

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File Name: Create Realistic Looking Forests & Mountains in Blender
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Genre / Category: 3D Tutorials
File Size : 1.4GB
Publisher: skillshare
Updated and Published: June 08, 2022
Product Details

In this course, you will learn how to create Mountains and Lakes in Blender by using the already built-in Add-on in Blender A.N.T Landscape.

Not only that but you will learn how to texture it, light the scene and get a realistic-looking environment by the end of the course.

Along with plenty of techniques and tips and workflows all the way, that will take your 3D skills to the next level.

Here’s a brief summary of each video inside this course
  • Video 1: Studying References: In this video. We will study some real-life references that will guide us through the process of creating a believable environment.
  • Video 2: Scene Preparation: In this video. We will prepare Blende for all the work we will be doing like resolution and rendering samples, etc…
  • Videos 3/4/5: Create The Main Mountain: In this video. We get our hands dirty and deep dive into the A.N.T Landscape Add-on.  By the end of these videos you will have a solid understanding of how it works and all the different settings. Along with all the other complementary tools that come with to create erosions, and some useful workflows and tips to get a good looking mountain, and you’ll end up creating your own magnificent mountain peak.
  • Video 6: Create The Lake: In this video. We will use the A.N.T Landscape Add-on again to create the lake.
  • Videos 7/8/9/10: Texturing: In this video. Are all about texturing. You will learn how to use PBR Materials to get to create realistic-looking objects and how to mix and match them to get better-looking texturing first and avoid any sort of tilling second. Also, you will learn how to create a realistic water material pretty easily.
  • Videos 11/12/13/14: Scattering Nature Assets: In this video. You will learn how to scatter some pre-made assets like flowers, trees, rocks, etc… using Geometry Nodes, which is a quicker and more efficient workflow than the old particle system. These videos will make you fall in love with geometry nodes, I promise you xD.
  • Videos 15/16: Finalizing The Environment: In these videos, you will add the final touches to your environment, by adding extra elements that will add more depth to your scene, like the sky, fog planes, and some foreground trees.
  • Videos 17/18: Rendering: In these two videos you will learn how to render huge scenes by creating different rendering layers and how to set up first your compositor for such rendering and how to adjust your render settings so you set yourself up for success for the last part which is all about composting.
  • Videos 19/20: Compositing: In these videos, you will learn how to use the Blender compositor to composite your scene.
  • Video 21: Troubleshooting A.N.T Landscape Eroder Tool: Some people may encounter some problems when using the Eroder tool of the A.N.T Landscape Add-on. In this video you will learn how to fix that problem.
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