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React + Next JS with TypeScript

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File Name: React + Next JS with TypeScript
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Genre / Category: Programming
File Size : 4.3GB
Publisher: udemy
Updated and Published: June 19, 2022
Product Details
What you’ll learn

Quick refresher/crash course to strengthen fundamental modern JS and React concepts

  • Learn all key Next JS features like pre-rendering, SSR, data fetching, file-based routing and authentication
  • Learn how to build client-side and full-stack React JS apps with Next JS
  • Learn while Building real projects / apply what you learned with hands-on projects and examples

Knowledge of basic programing concepts like conditional statements and loops
Familiarity with JavaScript, it is ok if you don’t know the modern JS features
An Open Mind and Willingness to Learn


If you are a beginner developer or a seasoned one, it doesn’t matter. I have designed this course to cater to both beginner and seasoned developers. This course is designed to get you to start building full-stack web apps really fast and do it the right and safe way. What do I mean? We will use TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript to make sure that the code we write is type-safe and we get early warnings for errors that would otherwise be hard to predict until they actually occurred in production. And don’t worry! TypeScript is largely interoperable with JavaScript, though it might require some hacks at times when using js libs with Typescript.

Yes, so the course is targeting a larger audience, and thus feel free to skip certain sections as per your needs. If you are a beginner developer or new to web development some advanced concepts might not be very relevant to you immediately. Or if you are already familiar with modern JS and react JS, you might want to skip those sections. However, I have tried to make this course comprehensive as well as concise. I have tried to include as much depth and breadth of the concepts in an easy-to-understand yet concise fashion as possible. So, I recommend you to at least skim through the entire course with 2x speed if you like.


Nect.js is a production-readyfull-stack-capable framework for React JS – one of the most popular JavaScript UI library you can learn these days!

Indeed, Next JS is a great choice for growing as a React developer and for taking your React apps to the next level!

Because Next JS is growing fast and therefore in high demand. And there are good reasons for that: Next JS allows you to build React apps with built-in server-side rendering, static rendering, page pre-rendering and automatic prefetching pages related to the current page. Building great user experiences and search engine friendly (SEO!) React apps has never been easier!

In addition, Next JS makes building full-stack React apps (frontend + backend code combined in one project) extremely easy as well! Blend client-side and server-side code and build a Node JS-based API side-by-side with your frontend React apps. It’s a breeze with Next JS!

This course will take you from a mere acquaintance to React and Next JS to advanced Next JS full stack developer in no time!

We’ll start at the very basics, no Next JS, react or modern JS knowledge is required at all. Though you should be familiar with the basic programing concepts and JavaScript. We will learn both in theory as well as with multiple real projects where all concepts will be applied step-by-step.

After finishing this course, you’ll be well prepared to build your own Next JS projects from the ground up and apply for Next JS positions!

In detail, this course will cover:
  • What is NextJS? And why would you use it?
  • Why is just React (in many cases) not enough?
  • Creating NextJS projects from the ground up & understanding these projects
  • Working with file-based routing
  • Adding dynamic routes and catch-all routes
  • Implementing different forms of page static-rendering and server-side rendering
  • Working with data and adding data fetching + pre-fetching to your apps
  • Pre-generating dynamic and static pages
  • Adding optimizations like metadata to pages
  • Optimizing images with the NextJS Image component
  • Building fullstack apps with API routes
  • Managing app-wide state with React context (in Next JS apps)
  • Multiple complete apps where we’ll apply all these core concepts!
  • A complete React.js crash course/refresher module
  • And much more!
Who this course is for

Beginner or seasoned web developers who want to build highly optimized, SEO friendly production ready apps
Web developers in general, who want to work with one of the most popular and in-demand tech stacks
Developers / Students looking to brush up on or learn essential modern JS, react JS and Next JS concepts

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Reacts + Next.JS with TypeScripts.part1.rar – 1.51 GB
React + Next JS with TypeScript.part2.rar – 1.5 GB
React + Next JS with TypeScript.part3.rar – 1.3 GB

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